Friday, November 21, 2014

The Archives Makeover

It was a pleasure working with designer Inga Walker on posting historic photos in the hallway outside the WRA Archives on the lower level of the John D. Ong Library. We examined a number of vintage photos and made a selection of the ones we hoped would be of interest to visitors and alumni. The oldest photo shows the campus buildings in the late 1860's with a heavy fence on the College Street side of Brick Row.

Another photo on the walls is one of student cadets ranged in front of the Chapel in the late 1870's when military drill was a part of the curriculum. Other photos show a girls' basketball team from the early 1920's, a baseball team with coach "Doc" Frew from the 1930's, two photos of the Senior Cabin built in the East Woods in 1928, and an interior chapel photo from the 1940's showing Headmaster Joel B. Hayden at the podium with the beautiful Palladian windows behind him. In all there are 15 photos in the hallway, each with an explanatory tag.

We invite all visitors to the school to come down to the lower level of the John D. Ong Library to see this photo collection, as well as visit the Archives. Some other items of historic interest have been framed for the adjacent College Counseling Office and should also be included in the visitor tour.